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Review for: London Drugs in Duncan, BC


This is twice now that I've been in this store in the cosmetic area and the same cashier both times is very rude. I'm not sure how you train your employes, but this woman needs a tune up on public relations. Ps. Lose the red hair it looks hideous on you.

-by (26, August, 2015)

Review for: London Drugs in New Westminster, BC

Photo lab

Very bad quality in photos I'm sorry to tell that but you ruined my one of most memorable pictures that I really wanted to save theme. Anyways I can even you can ask for mor money but at least make customers happy with your good job.

-by (22, July, 2014)

Review for: London Drugs in Calgary, AB

Super Helpful Staff

This store has great staff, a post office, and lots of sales. Really love it as my neighborhood shop.

-by (11, May, 2014)

Review for: London Drugs in Kamloops, BC

now where??

Good if you really want to know where to go when your told where to go.ehh?eh?! I'm just saying, right.

-by (01, January, 2014)

Review for: London Drugs in Calgary, AB

shop sucks

racist cashier called my friend the N word and kicked us out for asking for a manager

-by (13, December, 2013)

Review for: London Drugs in Winnipeg, MB


Every time i go to LD they criticize what im buying and its weird. they also ask me if i want batteries more than 3 times for sure. I find the st vital employees straight weird.

-by (26, August, 2013)

Review for: London Drugs in Winnipeg, MB

poor customer service

I was at the London Drugs location in Winnipeg today (May 24th ). The cashier asked me 3 times if I wanted anything else (once is enough). I find this to be poor customer service by asking the same thing 3 times - I found the cashier had poor listening skills.

-by (24, May, 2013)

Review for: London Drugs in Burnaby, BC

Electronics Sales staff: Andrei G

Very good service, polite and above all patient with dealing with an older woman with little knowledge of modern electronics! He went over the set up procedure until I felt comfortable;in being able to start the L.C.D. T.V. (including formatting) It was a gift for my mothers 88yr. birthday. I delivered the T.V. and with a littlehelp from my sister, we got it functioning to mothers satisfaction! I recomend this salesperson highly! Here's a pat on the back. Thank You Very Much. A.T. January 19, 2013.

-by (01, February, 2013)

Review for: London Drugs in Vancouver, BC

fantastic staff

The staff at London Drugs on Davie are the absolute best. They are right there to help you and to do even more than you ask them to do. They are always very friendly and very knowledgeable. I cannot say enough good things about all the staff. Keep up the good work and thank you. It is a pleasure to shop in your store.

-by (09, November, 2012)