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Review for: Blenz Coffee in Surrey, BC

Coffee must get better

I just had a fantastic sandwich at the Blenz cafe in the JP Out Patient Clinic in Surrey. But I am afraid that the coffee was at least an hour old, it was just warm and was as bitter as I have ever tasted. The service was grim and the garbage overflowing. I will go over to the take out counter of Blenz on the other side from now on. The service there is always great and you even get a smile with your order.

-by (05, September, 2014)

Review for: Blenz Coffee in Kamloops, BC

Customer Service

Love the products, horrible customer service. Poor training and inconsistent drinks have made me avoid this location.

-by (29, August, 2014)

Review for: Blenz Coffee in Vancouver, BC

No manners

This place had their staff clean, mop, under the table where customers sat and ate. No manners and they'll do it repeatedly. First, they'll sweep the floor. Then they'll take a mop and wipe under your feet.

-by (12, December, 2013)