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Absolutely useless. The system doesn't identify number presses half the time, doesn't recognize an order number, and I waited for over an hour and didn't receive service. All just to see what an item was on an old order! Screw this awful customer service, shame on you Staples.

-by (Nov. 24, 2015)


Staples sucks. Do not buy any electronics from them. Without original packaging you cannot exchange or get a refund. Spent $1000.00 on a desktop computer. They refused to exchange because I did not have original box. Within fourteen day period.

-by (Jun. 5, 2014)

store manager "flunked math and customer service school.

Was in store 7-10-13 and making copies, which I do at least 6 to 10 times per month, and just so happened after recharging the card at the KIOSK, made 30 copies. Checked the tally on the unit and it said $3.19 for 30 copies. My brain went int "what's up mode", just got SCREWED.... sure enough. 30 copies @ $.09 per copy, whith Maryland 6% tax should have been $2.87 and it showed my card charged $3.19. Got guy from service, he thought this was odd!!!!! Then got MANAGER... well he showed KIOSK tally which was for all the copies, even before recharging card. I should just not pay attention to the with draw on the card at copier. I stated that I should have kept recores for the 70 or so copies before the 30. He went thru some more "B.S.".. and I told him I did not believe him.. Guess this is a way to "skim" about a $100 or so a day from Copy Machine users, because who really looks at the charges when using a pre charged payment. I don't think HONESTY is with Staples, is this the store managers doing? Or does this come from a Computer Joe at Corporate. Some racket to get the customer with out his/her/thiers/them's/it's knowledge. Just wanted to be P.C in the last comment John, whow will do verbal ads for Staples now...

-by (Jul. 12, 2013)

Beyond Poor Customer Service

In your Alexandria, VA store located in Potomac Yards the customer service received from your manager, Happy and the Latino male who worked in the computer section is horrible. Because I did not wish to purchase extra warranty, I was harassed until I walked out of the store purchasing nothing. I called Staples office of the president and Hewett Packard regional headquarters and received an apology and I will forward your concern to our division manager and our something or the other team. I felt has if I had been blown off by both staples and Hewett Packard. Poor customer service appears to be the norm and acceptable. I will now purchase a new produtct from "Apple" where customer service ir premium. Wanted to try something new, but I guess my money isn't good enough for staples and Hewett Packard. Oh well, lesson learned!

-by (Apr. 30, 2013)

Bait and Switch

Just visted your store at Rt 31, Clay N.Y.230pm 3/17 wanted to see the computor you advertised at 279.00, two men behind counter told me they have not put it out yet, I said it would be good if your customers were able to see what you advertised. Repley was "you want me to go find one" not good. would not go to staples again, and I asume you only advertise to get customer in store. they call that bait and switch.

-by (Mar. 17, 2013)


MY shredder just went kaput after working for 8 months, first it was banging , then it would not shred propery and finally it did not go on. I at 84 years of age took it back to the store to find that the store did not take back the shredder and I had to phone the office when i told them no one had advised of that when i purchased the shredder the cashier went out of her way to help me ans and the other cashiers wereon the phone to get info for me but since it was a sturday the office were closed and I would have to do it on monday so today i called staples and immedetly got a person who went out of her way to help me having me restart the shredder and putting a heavier paper and to my amazement the shredder was now working again. I want to thank the people at staples for their concern, knowledge and courtesy in helping me have my shredder woeking again thenk you staples

-by (Feb. 4, 2013)

Will not honor advertised Price

I have been searching for a tablet and I found one at for a great price. The problem was that I wanted to pay cash for it and not put it on my card. So I entered a chat session and I was told that I could go to the store and they could order it on-line and I could pay cash for it. Great I thought at the time. The nearest Staples is over 30 miles away from where I live. I printed out the paper that described the tablet and had the price on it. Well when I got to the store I showed it to the cashier for them to order it and that is when the problems started. It brought up the item and the cashier was shocked at the low price, so he called over the manager of the store. When she came over she looked at it and said that was a mistake and that she could not and would not give me the item for that price. She promtly got on the phone and started talking about someone changing this item online. So needless to say I did not get the item that I wanted and I ended up in the hospital so I could not take care of that problem until I got out of the hospital.. When I did start to take care of that debacule it had changed on their web site. I have contacted Staples and all they do is give me the run around and say that it was not advertised as such, I still have my paper with the details on it. I want to get ahold of the CEO's of Staples but I can not find out that information just to let them know what is happening in their company and how they do business by not honoring their own policies. Now on to the BBB.

-by (Feb. 4, 2013)


Purchased a Toshiba laptop with wireless router, etc. from Beaver Dam Wi. store. Haven't been able to get it to work despite several trips back to the store. Now they want $99 to make it work. Seems like extortion to me. I expect to be contacted today with a fix or my next e-mail goes to the Better Business Bureau.

-by (Jan. 27, 2013)


The failures to approapriately refund monies is the reason to my choice of never returning. The electonic system has drawn us to compainies that are not local yet the system has just proven itself to be so not worth the exploration. I choose to have funds in my account not staples policy of reswipping ones account to undo a mistake. This not only debits your account but keeps you from yopur money for up to 15 days. A local printer resolves this problem before you leave his shop. Adios amigos. This reach out and touch everyone from across the world doesnot work when you want your funds. Your refund policies and timely manners of refunding suck.

-by (Jan. 3, 2013)

customer treatment at the local store

Today I went to my staples located in Port Saint Lucie, FL and the way I was handled was not going to bring me back to the store. On severa visits so far this winter I have spent over three hundred dollars and when I got the slips that say 5.00 off on purchases of more than 25.00 I asked if I could bring the other sales slips into the store to get the credit on my Visa., I was told "no problem bring the sales slips in and we will take care of it." When I got to the store I was told that there had been too much time from the sale to this date and no credit would be given. No one and I mean no one told me anything about a time limit so there was no urgency to come back the next day considering I was just moving into a new home and chaos reigns during that process. The sales clerk said he could not do it and then the manager came over and I can tell you therer was no one piece of earnest in his treatment of me. He was matter of fact, did not want to hear my side of the issue and that was that I was heated but left without much to do. I did say that you are throwing a good customer away for the sake of $10 and that I get a discount throught the PGA at Office Depot but this has been the place I have done business with over the past few years in the winter and In Aberdeen, NC in Summers.My rewards number 257816952 should you wish to check my spending. I am not happy of the mixed information I recieved one day and then on another there is another story. Thought you should know what happened and you can do what you think is right. Bob Thatcher

-by (Dec. 6, 2012)

get a new warranty company, they give you a bad name!

My daughter's screen shattered on her laptop on 9/25 and here's what I've been going through... 19/25 Went to Staples and got hard drive backed up. Associate gave me a pamphlet to call for my service warranty. 9/25 Called Joseph, he searched my warranty and found that I was sold a two year extended desktop warranty. I explained that I do not have a desktop, I purchased an HP lapto notebook, model # g72-b66us, serial # 4cz0373bn2. He said that I had to get a receipt from the store and fax it to the warranty company to have this resolved with Staples. I contacted Staples and a gentleman associate, Kyle, assisted me with tracking my purchase and stated that he saw the error and will have a copy made for me. My husband went to Staples that evening, with my daughter, while I was at work and he received the copy of the receipt. He asked the associate, T.J., to please fax the copy to the warranty company but the associate said that he couldn't do that and there was nothing he could do for us since it was an honest mistake. He suggested that my husband call HP. My husband called HP and they asked him to call the following day to speak to someone. 9/26 My husband contacted HP and they were empathetic about the warranty mix up and asked if we tried to resolve the situation with the merchant. He explained that we did but they claimed they couldn't assist. HP told my husband that they could fix the screen for $350 and back up all of her information. He explained that we just paid Staples $70.00 to back up the system onto our external hard drive, which we also purchased at Staples. My daughter is in college and needs her laptop asap so my husband paid the $350 and HP sent the box. HP suggested that we contact the corporate headquarters for Staples for a possible refund of the repair fee. 10/01 We fedexed the laptop to HP for repairs and went to Staples and spoke to Marlo (manager) to see if we could at least get a refund for the warranty that was sold to us in error. Marlo was very helpful and said that she would call corporate for us on 10/02 and get back to us. Marlo kept our receipt copy and information. -Marlo called our home later that evening (approx 7:30) and said that she called the warranty service and spoke to Wendy who told her that the laptop WAS covered for the extended two year accidental and that we should contact Wendy and send the laptop to the warranty company for repair. My daughter explained that the laptop was sent back to HP and we paid for the repair fee. Marlo told her to call Wendy, at the warranty company, for assistance. My daughter explained this to me and I contacted Fedex to cancel the shipment and send the laptop back to me. I called HP and spoke to an extremely helpful, thorough associate by the name of Mike and he refunded the $350 fees back to my account. He also helped me with information on purchasing a warranty directly through HP. -My daughter called the warranty co. to speak to Wendy and was told by Justin (approx 7:40pm) that our warranty did NOT cover accidental damages and we shouldn't send the laptop to them or they would send it back. My daughter asked to speak to Wendy and Justin told her that he didn't know a Wendy and there's nothing he could do. - My daughter called Marlo back and Marlo told her that she shouldn't have sent the laptop to HP because she could no longer call corporate since Wendy already informed Marlo that the laptop is covered for the extended 2 year accidental. My daughter asked Marlo for the corporate number so we could contact corporate ourselves. Marlo gave her the phone number. -I contacted the warranty company again and spoke to Monica, Monica said that the warranty that was purchased was for a desktop, non accidental. I explained everything to Monica and she tried to forward me to another company at 8:35pm but I got an answering machine stating that the office is open from 9:00 am to9:00pm and to try during business hours. -I called back and spoke to another gentleman associate by the name of William, who looked up my incident number and said that he can see all that I have been going through and he was determined to resolve this for me. He said that it is documented that there was an error on part of the Merchant in selling the wrong warranty and that I was to fax the receipt to the company and that I was going to resolve the error with Staples to get a new sku or the correct warranty number and fax it to the warranty company for service to be completed. He stated that it didn't look like they received the receipt yet. I am going to Staples today to make sure that the receipt is faxed to the warranty company. If Staples cannot provide the warranty company with the correct sku, I will contact corporate for further assistance. 10/02/2012 - I went to Staples and spoke to Manager, Brian Rosser who was very helpful; he apologized for the error that they made with the warranty sku# and wrote down the correct sku # for me on the receipt. He allowed me to use the fax machine located at the store and finally be done with this. I waited for the transmittal, thanked Brian and left. - Assuming all I had to do was wait for the warranty company to contact me, send me a shipment box and send off my daughter's laptop for repairs, I sent an email to the Office of the President of Staples, Inc. Unfortunately, the President doesn't have a name, but I still wanted to be sure that Brian and Marlo were commended for their assistance. - At 8:05 that evening, I contacted the warranty company and spoke to Trent who said that they haven't noted the account regarding receiving the receipt, although he's sure that they had. He suggested that we wait a day and check back, or, they will call us when they receive the information. 10/5/2012 - After two more days of not hearing from the warranty company, I called the company myself and spoke to Norma. Norma put me on hold several times to review the account and to be sure that she provided me with the correct information. She stated that, unfortunately, they still cannot fix the computer; even though Brian put the correct sku # as directed from the warranty company, I would have had to have purchased a new warranty through Staples. She stated that the original contracted should have been canceled and I would have had to purchase a new one which would have been a $50 - $75 difference. I believe that I will keep getting the runaround with new requirements and instructions and my daughter will not get her computer fixed. I asked about Wendy, who spoke to Marlo on 10/01 and stated that we DID have a two year extended warranty with accidental coverage, but Norma couldn't help. Norma transferred me to the Corporate Office where I spoke to Ariel. Ariel apologized for all of the confusion and reviewed my account. When he got back on the line, he apologized again and said that we will receive a replacement computer. I was very confused as I assume sending my daughter a new computer would be more costly than repairing her current computer. I asked if she would receive the same computer and he said that he couldn't tell me what computer she would receive but it would be a comparable replacement. I was told to wait until Tuesday and I will receive a call back from the warranty company with the replacement information and I can either accept or decline their offer. My extreme upset with this entire situation is that it has cost me so much time and aggravation as well as my daughter who rely's on her laptop for her schoolwork and for receiving her assignments. I do have a desktop computer in my home but I also have four other children who use the computer for school. My daughter is a first year Student at Wilkes University and has never had less than a 3.9 average throughout her high school career. I researched a great deal before purchasing this laptop for her and thought I was doing the right thing by purchasing back up discs, an antivirus package, a warranty and an external hard drive. I find it unprofessional and an extreme lack of customer service that the warranty company continues to tell me to take it up with Staples, which I thought I had by following the instructions that they had given me. They told me on numerous occasions that I was covered for a desk top or that I was covered for a laptop, but not for accidental, then that I was covered under accidental for a laptop for the extended two years and back to being told that I was covered, non accidental for a desktop. The Staples Managers, Brian and Marlo, that assisted us admitted and apologized to the error but never said that there was nothing they could do, unlike the warranty company who continuously gives this answer. I've managed a customer service department for the past 18 years and I can assure you that our product would cease existence if this was the type of customer service that we afforded our clients.

-by (Oct. 5, 2012)