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Phone Number:1 (800) 756-5005

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Score 3.1
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Reviews For Bath & Body Works Customer Service (10)

Horrible shipping times, smart aleck reps

Crappy customer service, still waiting 12th day on a shipment and no ups tracking

-by (Jan. 12, 2015)

Outstanding Service

They go the extra mile to assist their customers.

-by (Dec. 20, 2014)

Friendly service

They are friendly and concerned to help you

-by (May. 4, 2014)


Great scents,so many varieties,so much to choose,reasonable prices,welcoming staff,my daughters love to shop is well deserve.

-by (Nov. 5, 2013)

Plug ins

I have a question .....? I had bought some plug -in a few months ago and now I'm realizing that the plug in has stop working .can I return them and get new ones .or how long are they suppose to last ??? Thank you . Love bath an body's .

-by (Aug. 10, 2013)

please ship to australia

Australian fans are very disappointed that bath and body works does not ship to Australia.please make the website ship to Australia!!!!!!!! and i am sure u will not be disappointed

-by (Aug. 7, 2013)

Please ship to Australia (to Britt)

I agree completely. Several times I have begged BBW to ship to Australia. We have none of these stores in Australia. I am completely addicted to everything BBW everything in my house is from there. On my last visit to California I went on a spending spree in this store and am still waiting for my sister to send a lot of it to me in Australia, she lives there so I can get her to send them but the postage is very expensive. But when I was there the store lady in fashion valley mall in San Diego said the Hawaii store that is opening soon will be starting to post internationally like to Australia, as Hawaii is already half way. So this makes me hopeful and you can also get small varied BBW on eBay, it's not much but better than nothing. I await the Hawaii store and my sister going to USPS.

-by (Jul. 19, 2013)


Everything smells so good and comes in handy.

-by (Jun. 4, 2013)

expand and..

Work on the entrance of the store. Good products but get a better sale please. We don't like them smelly people no more after what you guys put out. Oh yeah, nice purses. You make Victoria Secret look second kinda now for purses atleast, kinda.

-by (May. 27, 2013)

Bath and Body works in Australia

Hi, I am an Australian resident and I am a big fan of your store, especially the Slatkin and Co candles even though you are in America. I was just wondering are there any Bath and Body works shops in Australia? If there isn't or even if there is could you please consider shipping to Australia from your Bath and Body works website. I know so many people dissapointed that Bath and Body works do not ship to Australia. Please please please consider this because we love your products and would religiously by them! Thankyou xo

-by (Sep. 19, 2012)