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Repair Service - Air Conditioner

I purchased a window/wall A/C in Sept. of 2011. It worked fine during the summer of 2012. But this year, it has hardly worked at all. I have had 3 service calls and each time, they said they had fixed the problem. Each time within 2-1/2 to 3 weeks, it stops blowing cold air. Each time I call for a repair appt, I am told the soonest appt is approx. 2 weeks from the date I called. It is hot outside (and inside). I cannot wait for 2 wees for repair, especially when the 3rd time was in 95 degree weather. The customer service people I talk to just gve their pat answer "I'm sorry, but that's the best I can do". They just don't care about the customer. This is definitely not like the Sears Service of years ago.

-by (Aug. 13, 2013)

Frustration with delivery service

We paid for stackable washer/dryer in 3/13 for delivery July 3. July 2 we received a call saying there would be a delay because the appliances had not reached the warehouse. delivery was rescheduled for 7/10. 2 hours before the delivery time, a call stated delivery would be delayed because the pedestal had not reached the warehouse-we had not ordered a pedestal nor wanted one. Delivery was rescheduled for 7/17. The night before, a call said delivery would be delayed because the stacking kit had not yet arrived. I called the store, spoke to the appliance manager who was the first person to be honest (the stacking kit had been discontinued just after we bought the appliances) and found a replacement which he guaranteed would be on the truck with the washer/dryer on7/25, which is when we received them. The manager, Tony, was great, but the frustration which preceded his help was so great that I would be unlikely to buy at Sears again or recommend Sears to others.

-by (Aug. 4, 2013)

Microwave repair

Have been waiting one month for parts and repair service on my microwave. After having 2 appts cancelled (1 due to serviceman called off sick which he told me that was not true) today the serviceman showed up and opened the parts that had been mailed to my home . One part was defective and the other part was for a furnace! So I still don't have a usable microwave and don't feel a bit optimistic about the next appt. Poor service!

-by (Aug. 2, 2013)

Repair Service

First off you are forced to rate before posting....they do not deserve a 1 in any category. I got disconnected 3 issue is not resolved or do they care to resolve and my experience was horrible.Why bother writing a complaint, nothing is done to resolve your issue. You call to speak with a customer service manager and you get to speak to a foreign person you can hardly understand and in addition says the same thing over and over without trying to assist in resolving. I am going to be 5 weeks without a dryer before ALL my parts even get in. They haven't been able to find a supplier for 2 parts......this is unacceptable in the service industry in my opinion....but from the looks of things that doesn't matter.

-by (Jul. 22, 2013)

product & service

bought a water heater on 7/1/13 and the pilot light went out on 7/11/13. Sears couldn't come out before Wed. 7/17/13. No hot water for almost 1 week. Still no hot water now due to water heater making loud humming sound. What?

-by (Jul. 18, 2013)

washer appointment

I had two appointment schedule for last thursday no one show up. I called customer service and the repersentative told me I needed to call and let them now the parts was here.They told me my new appointment will be Tuesday. I had called the Tuesday to make sure my appointment was still schedule, the representative told me to call back if I do not get my parts. I called when no one show and he had an attutide. Today is Tuesday when he told me my appointment was schedule for my washing machine. Called my appointment is Monday. I have been with out a washer for 3 weeks. I have 3 kids one being 1 month old I need my machine. I how someone from corporate is going to contact me and take care of this matter.

-by (Jul. 16, 2013)

Customer Service

I called the customer service department to have my washing machine serviced. The representative could not find my appliance via phone number, address etc. She had 3 phone numbers to reach me and those numbers did not show up in the system. So my appliance could not be serviced until she found my information. We got disconnected. She never called me back. She had 3 numbers to call me back and never bothered to call to resolve the issue. I am very disappointed in Sears. We have recently purchased many appliances with Sears and I am thinking I may be taking my business elsewhere.

-by (Jul. 14, 2013)

Dryer repair

Tech was to show up between 1 and 5. Called service center to confirm that the tech would show up. 3 oclock rolls around no call from tech the call center is outscourced and they will not transfer calls to their supervisor for compliants given different numbers to call and they all end up with the same voice message. Will not have anything to do with Sears after my extended warrant is up next year

-by (Jul. 12, 2013)


After waiting for appointment and parets over a month, the repair man did not show up on a confirmed appointment(1-5pm time frame)and when I called him after 8:00pm , he just said that he was running behind and wo'nt be able to make it. I took time off from work and waited for the service man, and result was an insensitive serviceman who decided tokeep me waiting and then a no call no show. I am very frustrated with the entire Sears repair customer service and the serviceman who obviously has no sense of customer care. Extremely a bad experience and service.

-by (Jul. 2, 2013)

Service Wait Unacceptable

I was going to turn in a complaint on a two week wait for service on my freezer unit, but by the looks at your rating you really don't care about customer service! I've learned my lesson never again. You are your own worst business.

-by (Jun. 25, 2013)

Dishwasher repair & service

Stayed home 2 different days for my service tech, no one came. I was out work time & money because of this. They don't seem to care.

-by (Jun. 24, 2013)

Manager Extremely Busy

I went to the Sears Outlet in Shrewsbury, MA yesterday - for the first time. I saw a patio set that I was interested in purchasing. A young salesman approached and I asked if the set came boxed or they were selling the floor model. He said that the floor model was the only one that they had. I pointed out that the table was damaged, and asked what the price of the set would be. He went to ask the manager, and when he returned 5 minutes later, he said that the manager was "extremely busy." Really? I asked? Too busy to give a customer a price? I'm glad that they are doing so well that they didn't need my business. Very rude indeed. I won't return.

-by (Jun. 9, 2013)

never again

I recently purchased a home gym and requested delivery and assembly. After over 1 hr being transfered I was told they would not assemble my product unless I pay an additional $350 even though my reciept says assembly and delivery. I have now requested the product picked up and returned to store. I have been a sears customer for 30 years but wil NEVER buy anything there again. Your customer service is the worst I have ever experienced in my life.

-by (Jun. 1, 2013)

toool box

I hope they stand behind there product life time warrant remember

-by (May. 30, 2013)

Kenmore Elite HE Washer and Dryer

Bought the top of the line washer and dryer app. 4yrs ago, so they said. After 2 1/2 years of owning the washer, it broke with a repair that cost about 100 dollars less than what I paid for it. The dryer lasted about a year longer than the washer and the cost of the repair was going to cost app. 500-600 dollars. So needless to say, I went out and bought used washer and dryer. The used washer has lasted almost as long as the brand new washer I purchased. So much for quality. What's really upsetting is that I bought them from my father-in-law who used to own a Sears outlet store in Fl before he past. Was the last thing I purchased from him, which is most upsetting. I guess you can say we were both suckered.

-by (May. 29, 2013)

No customer Service policy at Sears

There is no customer service at Sears, once you buy the product Sears has your money thus they have no need to take care of your problem and hope you just go away. There is no person who can or is willing to help you. After over an hour of getting the run around at repair center I asked “is it your job to help a customer”? I was told by the Sears employee ”no it is not my job to help customers”! I will up date here, still waiting for response from Sears. The have the defective product they sold and it is under warrantee I bet they will try and weasel out of fixing it?

-by (May. 28, 2013)

Terrible experiennce

Never buy a warranty from sears. they run out the clock and then it's too late to really fix or replace it. And they are impossible to reach. A bunch of bureaucrats who totally give you the runaround.

-by (May. 21, 2013)

Riding mower repair problem

I was trying to get the answer to a fairly simple repair issue with my mower, but was told that my only alternative was a home visit by one of their service staff at a minimum cost of $101.00. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll just work it out for myself and never call these guys again. Come to think of it, maybe that was their point.

-by (Apr. 25, 2013)

Thomas Aaron Pool Table

I bought a Thomas Aaron Pool table in Dec. 2010...approx. $1700.00. The rails/cushions will not stay tight and Sears refuses to service it. Now find out that Sears bought up these tables after the manufacturer basically went out of business in 2008. No one to contact and no one to service them...Sears continues to suck...20 years of continual battles with them whether you have a warranty or fault... I keep forgetting how Sears is such a piss poor company!!!

-by (Apr. 17, 2013)


We bought a Kitchen Aid dishwasher from Sears. The thing broke three times in the first year we had it. Everytime Sears came to fix it--same technician--he repeated the same repair. Finally, we said forget it and had to get a new dishwasher. What happened to the Sears that we all loved as kids? and that our parents trusted?

-by (Apr. 17, 2013)