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First, the estimated delivery time was 9:02pm. I did not receive my pizza until 9:35pm. It was "SUPER" greasy, and had a tart taste to it, like when you eat a sweet tart or something! The pepperoni was hard and old-looking. Very bad! I felt like I had just wasted $20.00! I only ate 1 price, and couldn't tolerate any more, and I was hungry! My 6 year old granddaughter even said it was nasty! Never again!!!

-by (Jul. 28, 2013)

Bad Company,Bad Corporation-Call your Lawyer

You do even have to courage to let people see the what just happened , bad pizza way overpriced and got ill eat this garbage, I be sure to let the ball team and employees not to go there.

-by (Jul. 13, 2013)


The center of the pizza is the best part of the meal. Pizza Hut regular hand-tossed pizza, which is to say it tastes like warm, slightly-sweet, fresh-baked, soft, dense bread, topped with a sweet and tangy pizza sauce, crisp pepperoni, and cheese. I prefer it over their overly-greasy pan pizza.

-by (Jun. 11, 2013)

Great service andwonderful employees

I have to say we here in the Rock River Valley have wonderful employees at the Rock Falls and Dixon, ILL Pizza. Huts. Have Never had bad service and the employees go out of their way to be pleasant and helpful. If there has ever been any problem they have been pleasant and gracious enough to fix it no problem. The food has always been delicious too

-by (Jun. 7, 2013)


The pizza is better and it is much easier to get now. I like that you are not over selling the small pizzas and that you are promoting more pizza stores to open.

-by (May. 27, 2013)


Absolutely the rudest people. I ask for certain toppings and that is what Iexpect. Call to point out what was done and was flat out called a liar. I will never order from any pizza hut again. The company has truly gone down hill over the years. If your customer service continues the way it is your company will eventually not exist. All these complaints should be taken a little more serious. How many more customers can you afford to lose?

-by (May. 19, 2013)


I visited the pizza hut in laredo tx on saunders next to whataburger at 3:50 pm -5/16/13 Male server said it was to late to order from the lunch special I said its till 4 no and i walked out and went to whataburger where i spent $26.70

Your loss pizza hut

-by (May. 16, 2013)

The end Pizza Hut is near!!!

My experience Allentown pa 14th st. ordered pizza 845 pm to arrive 945 online order. Never arrived checking Closing time 11pm Calling since 9 to make sure order was recvd no answer continuously as my husband had it on speaker 20 mins on timer my husband decides to go over lights off, doors closed and 2 workers stoned out front said come by tomorrow get a free pizza. Calling corporate other stores got nowhere ..really unbelievable waiting on a call from someone and when will I get my 37 dollars back..NOMORE PIZZA HUT!!!!!!

-by (May. 9, 2013)

Dinner Box

The dinner box that was ordered has given me an upset stomach for about an two hours now. Never had problems with my pizza from this location in Cassopolis an this Pizza Hut but today it has given me an upset stomach and ready to go to the emergency room for bad pizza.

-by (May. 7, 2013)

Good Service

You can always count on pizzahut.

-by (May. 5, 2013)

Just plain wrong

Today on May 2, 2013 I ordered a pizza (pepperoni ) which was under cooked all you tasted was the sauce and I ordered I think it was 22 wings. After I made the order I realized that I did not get the option of ordering the blue cheese do I called and I was told that I was being charged $0.55 for one cube of blue cheese. I always thought that sauce was supposed to come with the dip of your choice and enough to accommodate the amount of wings you order. I love Pizza Hut over dominoes and now after not being pleased about the service I have encountered over the last year, I think I'm going to not use Pizza Hut ever again.

-by (May. 3, 2013)

No Pizza? horrible service!

we ordered online for ourmpizza at 9:15. At 10:10 we decided to call and see what was taking so long.We gave them our info and then they replied that they never got the order... so we called back and ordered again at 10:30 They said that it would be here at 11:20. At 11:45 we called and they said that we never ordered...horrible service... no offense

-by (Apr. 28, 2013)

Poor Customer Service South Milwaukee Location

I had a recent experience with the South Milwaukee Pizza Hut located on Chicago Ave. in South Milwaukee, Wi. I ordered a pizza online entered my credit card information and was delivered the pizza. The delivery guy arrived and handed me a reciept showing a lesser amount than was shown online. I signed the receipt assuming there was some sort of discount....Great! Not! I recieved a call from the manager stating that we owed a cash balance. I immediately checked my bank and lo and behold, the amount stated on the online order was debited from my account. The manager was rude, had no idea how it had happened and was all around very unprofessional. She attempted to speak over me and had no solutions to the problem.. Do your managers recieve any customer service training. I will not order another pizza from Pizza Hut. Papa John, here I come!!!

-by (Apr. 3, 2013)


We have ordered your wings at our local Pizza Hut in Chickamauga GA twice now, just wanted to let you know that we were very disapointed since you have changed your supplier or receipe. Opinions vary I am sure but please consider going back to your original way of doing your wings. At this point and time we will not be ordering anything else from Pizza Hut. Thanks!

-by (Mar. 30, 2013)

Undercooked Pizza

I work for a business that feeds all of the employees that are working on Saturday. We USED to include Pizza Hut in the rotation of different foods. Sat., March 2, we ordered 10 pizzas from Pizza Hut in Muncie, IN, on Wheeling Ave. ALL of them were undercooked, the crust was very doughy. My General Manager called to inform them and they said they couldn't do anything. That is why we won't order from them any longer and I won't go there on my either. It was like they didn't care!!

-by (Mar. 7, 2013)

bad service

at 7:45 pm i orderd a pizza and they took my order and i never receved my pizza i called again and they said that they didnt make it that they can give me a 10 percent off and i didnt want to no more i lost my appetiate thats a really bad service

-by (Mar. 7, 2013)

Not Helpful

I called a local Pizza Hut and asked the manager what kind of deal I could get if I ordered enough food for 50 people and he said "Well, that's a good question". He proceeded to quote me the normal prices off the website. Not Helpful !

-by (Mar. 4, 2013)

Not True Free Voucher coz Need to Purchase!

Malaysia Pizza Hut free delivery voucher. The pizza order delivery was late by half an hour. So I was given a so call Free Voucher but the condition stated can only redeem the "free" regular pizza if I purchased min M$20.00!! Then it's not free anymore!! Previously, the late free pizza delivery voucher stated min purchased of M$10! But now Pizza Hut increases to M$20. Pizza Hut needs to change the free late delivery voucher because it is NOT FREE!!

-by (Mar. 3, 2013)

Pornza Hut

I am disgusted by the porn-watching employee in your restaurant. This made news and it should have. Clean up your act Pizza Hut. So much for family-friendly fare. I'm done with you and your reputation is nil when this is accepted. Both the manager and the employee should be fired. PS...your capture thing does not work...perhaps only when the heading is something you don't like?

-by (Mar. 2, 2013)

Rude Manager BAD Service

Live Southeast Minneapolis. Orderd a pizza online, took over an hour to be deliverd.Called several times to see what was going on.I got diffrent stories. When I called and talked to the manager,he got really rude and hung up on me.So I called back. He asked me if I had a mental problem!! Wouldn't tell me the store managers name,claimed they didn't have one. So I'll be reporting this to Corporate. Never again will I order from there again!!

-by (Mar. 2, 2013)