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Phone Number:1 (800) 245-4595

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Score 2.1
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one issue

I love Pier 1 so much but I have one bone to pick; I really wish that the tills faced the customer (the display) because more than once I have been overcharged and don't realize it until later when i get home and check my bill. Its such a nuisance to have to go back to do a refund or exchange. I recently was in another city and purchased something and it happened there too; i wonder if I can go to any store location to exchange or get my $ owed?

-by (Jan. 8, 2015)

Terrible Service

Ordered a mosaic mirror and paid for on December 5, 2014 for a renovation project. Was told that the Store was expecting a new shipment within a week of 6 new ones. Failing that, would have one by December 19. On December 19, I called the store and was told it had arrived. Went to the store but no mirror(s). Was told THEN, they were ALL broken in transit. I could get my money refunded or wait another 2 weeks for a mirror. This was the best they could do. Last time I will ever purchase something from Pier 1 nor recommend this store to anyone.

-by (Dec. 22, 2014)

Christmas Greetings

I recently shopped at the Taunton store and purchased Christmas d├ęcor and gifts. Pier 1 as well as other stores I have shopped in recently have decided not to say Merry Christmas.any longer.So I am taking a stand and am no longer shopping in any stores that can't make an effort to say Merry Christmas. So Merry Christmas to you Pier 1 Imports and bless you.

-by (Dec. 9, 2014)

Outstanding Service

I was charged an erroneous late fee. Paul helped to clear up the issue in minutes. There was very little waiting to speak with an agent once I got the correct department. It does take a bit of time to get through all the "press this button if" recordings. But this is typical. All in all I was extremely pleased with the service, especially Paul's courtesy and efficiency.

-by (May. 6, 2013)