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Phone Number:1 (800) 288-6966

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Good Service

They are on their toes here. The is someone usually always ready to assist customer's.

-by (Dec. 20, 2014)

Auto Zone store in Crestivew Florida

My car was overheating yesterday and I pulled into Auto Zone on Hwy 285 in Crestview, Florida. The serviceman that assisted me was absolutely wonderful. I had a hose that has exploded and antifreeze was all over the place. I would have had to pay about $150.00 to have the car towed. The serviceman had a hose in stock and told me if I didn't mind waiting while he assisted other people walking in he would change it out. I was so relieved and he went above and beyond anything i would have expected for nothing. He even refused a tip. So Store number 0490 has the most exemplary employees. Please pass this on to them and to their superiors.

-by (Oct. 15, 2014)

lack of customer service

I tried to talk to a person in customer service and after 6 calls I decided to shop there never again...

-by (Aug. 20, 2014)

Had my credit info stollen here

Would really like a space where I could list specific complaints about specific stores.

-by (Nov. 8, 2013)

Missing shockptsbury son

On Saturday March 9th, I called your store in Hanover Pa asking for a pair of shocks. The girl that answered the phone said they had a pair in stock. She asked to they should hold them for me and I said yes that Id be in on Sunday to pick them up. After I hung up I decided to go get them and proceeded to drive in. When I arrived I told them that I was here to pick up the shocks. When they went for them they could only find 1 shock. The guy told me that theyd have to order another one. I told them to forget it , ill go somewhere else to but them. I drove 15 miles one way to the store because they said they had them just to be let down. I went there because they had the best price. I think the staff there may need some training. I also believe I should be compensated for the gas I ran out because they said they were there when 1 wasnt. Please make this right or I surely wont be a repeat customer again. Very disappointed

-by (Mar. 10, 2013)

Claims Department...What a Joke!

I have been trying to resolve an issue with Autozone Claims for almost a year over a serpentine belt for a 1995 Chevy Tahoe 4WD with A/C. The clerk when he sold me the belt asked what size alternator. I did not know off-hand so he and I went out and looked. I told him at the time that the truck had A/C.

He looked up the part, a Value Craft 970K6 according to his computer and I purchased it.

Several months past before I needed to replace the old belt. I replaced it, having had much experience doing so. I started and ran OK, but after a few quick local trips, not more than 75 miles total, the belt had slipped off twice. On the third time, it cut through my A/C compressors porcelain electrical connections.

I replaced the belt with a belt from O'Reillys (the correct size!) and it has been running fine. I also had the Chevy dealership, after speaking with the local Autozone, provide a detailed repair estimate. They said the tensioner was just fine. I submitted the estimate and eventually the belt itself for testing from the manufacturer. Autozone denied the claim stating that the belt was the wrong size sold to me.


Looking up the correct size on the Autozone website, it clearly states that the right size is the 967K6 not the 970K6 they sold me.

To add insult to over $850 of A/C repair caused by their negligence, they have yet to even refund my cost of the stupid wrong size belt!

I need them to call me ASAP before I see my attorney this week!

-by (Mar. 3, 2013)


We went into Autozone to purchase a great deal on oil!! 16.99 with a rebate that was for a $10 giftcard. So we purchased the two allowed deals and filled out the rebate forms as asked and submitted them. Well guess what. We were denied the rebated because they said we didnt give them the upc codes from the items when on the rebate form it clearly states you do not need them at all. Just a dated register receipt and rebate form. with a call into the rebate center to ask why, there response was little to nothing, but sorry! Avoid autozone and avoid there deals.

-by (Feb. 21, 2013)


i live 10 miles 20 round trip from your erwin tn store. i have 1 vehicle then when i tear it down after going to get the wrong part i haft to hire someone to take me back to get the right part. this happens 95% of the time. they do not care. johnny that works there is the only one you can trust to get you the right part.i am not the only one that has this problem.the female that works there will give you whatever to get your money and out the door.i know this is probably a waste but oh well!

-by (Feb. 21, 2013)

Auto Zone=lies

I placed an order through Shop Runner on Auto Zone on Tues, 2/6. What I placed the order, all my items showed in stock for home delivery & will ship within 2 business days. It is not Fri 2/8 & when I called customer service, they said a couple of my items were backordered and when they receive them they will ship my order. I needed my parts yesterday! I also called their CS Wed & was told the order should ship out Thursday morning...they do not know what they are doing & after having many problem-free orders through Shop Runner this really leaves a sour taste that they would align with a company that gives such poor CS to it's customers.

-by (Feb. 8, 2013)

Shame on you!!

Heroic AutoZone Employee Fired!!

Devin McClean never thought that saving his boss’s life would cost him his job

-by (Dec. 5, 2012)


Dear Auto Zone, wake up!! How in the world can you justify firing a faithful employee that protected your establishment??? Devin is a hero, he went in there knowing he could have been killed in the name of protecting others.. You have more to worry about then being sued by a family of a criminal, you just lost my business and further I will preach from the tallest tree for the masses to do the same..

An American

-by (Dec. 5, 2012)

Excellent Customer Service

On Halloween I got a call from Wal-Mart letting me know to pick up my children’s eye glasses, I was already in Baytown in school so I went to pick them up I parked in front of the garden center in the first row ,I was in Wal-Mart about 20 minutes got to my car and the turn key and it would not turn on , I walked back into Wal-Mart automotive and asked if they could help me check if it was the battery that was dead if I needed a jumpstart and the lady behind counter said no I begged please I am in the Wal-Mart parking lot the 2nd row in front of garden of the center than she says no we are not allowed to go out there you would have to bring your car back here I said I would if I could but its dead it won’t start if it is the battery then I’ll buy one from here if my warranty is expired at auto zone she told me no I am sorry we cannot help you sorry. As I was heading out a man that was next to her heard my dilemma and waited till she left and fallowed me as I got away from automotive he said ill check to see if it’s your battery I told him thank you and repeated if it is my battery and the warranty is expired with auto zone ill buy one from here and I thanked him again ,it was the battery and I called Auto zone in Baytown talked to a women and asked her to look up my info the battery was under warranty I asked her is there any way that I can have someone bring me a new battery I am at Wal-Mart parking lot across the main street is auto zone please . she said well we are not so post to do that but I’ll ask my manager and call you back, I stated please call me so I know what to do because I am stuck here and my children are getting off the bus and are going to be home alone and my husband is out of town. In about 10 minutes she called and said her manager would bring one and come help me and he did I am so thankful that they were able to help me I have told my friends what Auto zone did for me. They say that is excellent customer service and that would not happen in a big city just a small town that is why we moved here, and I agree. Thank you Auto zone your life customer Norma B. Smith

-by (Nov. 8, 2012)

No Service

When I look for customer service, I expect a HUMAN being to be on the other end of the line, not an automated recording. The recording was not able to answer the question I had about a claim filed against Autozone.

-by (Nov. 8, 2012)