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Customer Service

Trying to speak with a live person is ridiculous! Automation is a good thing however if I wanted to speak to a customer service rep it should not have taken me 10 mins or longer. Very unhappy with your automation service. Once I get a live CSR I find out the "landline" department is closed on Saturdays. All this could have been handled within a few minutes instead of 15!

-by (Mar. 9, 2013)


This phone companies customer service line is impossible to use , I am ready to shut this phone off and never look back at ATT worst experience I have had with a phone company. by far.

-by (Mar. 2, 2013)

Ten customer reps said they could help, they couldn't

I have contacted AT&T , and have explained my problem with service eleven times, Monday,Feb 18 2013 was the most recent. Once again I was told how sorry they were that the problem was not fixed. I have asked repeatedly to talk to a supervisor, and have been refused , the rep tells me they can handle it. They can't. AT&T has the worst custermer service ever. Never in my 63 years have I been treated this badly, by someone I paid fo service. AT&T's service rating F

-by (Feb. 20, 2013)

Trying to reach Corporate Headquarters to inquire about putting a cell phone Tower on our property.

Dear Sirs, I would like to speak to someone about putting a tower on our property in Troy West Virginia. After speaking to a representive in early Dec. he looked on Satalite and we were told that our location was one of 22 in West Virginia that was approved for this.Would you please contact me . This area we are in has no service whatsoever.We have to travel 15 miles before we do get service.There are over 7000 people in this area that would love to have AT&T as there carrier.Please note that Troy Fire Dept. would also benefit as they also have communication issues.It would be greatlt apprieciated if you would help this community.


-by (Jan. 30, 2013)

Return upgrade

It seems once you return a upgrad it take forever to get another upgrade, they can't find the one you returned,they can't find away to resolve the problem. the just let you hang there while some service rep. tells you what they're not going to do, I've been a AT&T cell phone user for eight years, this is a little much, I call for acoustomer complaint phone number the give you the run around, someone a att should do something about this,

-by (Jan. 30, 2013)

Number does not work

Phone answering service says party is not taking calls and disconnects.

-by (Jan. 7, 2013)

Horrible Experience

Today I visited the AT&T store in Camden, Ar. As I pulled into the parking lot the store employee was outside smoking so as I entered the store the employee had to put out her cigarette and follow me inside. I’m not sure if my interrupting her cigarette break had anything to do with why she was so ugly toward me. Anyway I came into the store to try and figure out what plans were available and to ask a few questions. As I was talking with her she was totally annoyed by my questions and being very short with me. I tried to put this aside because I was really interested in buying the iphone5 and possibly a plan to go along with it. So as my questions continued she became more and more rude toward me. Then I asked her if I was on the straight talk plan if I could buy the iphone5 and have it unlocked for me to use on that plan. This must have really annoyed her because after that she went from rude to just plain mean to me. She basically called me stupid for asking that question and said that was illegal and that there is no AT&T store in the world that would do that for me. I said that is fine and I had heard that from someone else. She promptly responded that it was most certainly not an AT&T store who told me that. I told her I heard this from Wal - Mart and she rolled her eyes and mumbled something under her breath. By this time I was upset and there was no way I was going to buy anything from this lady. I came into this store just looking for some information and I was possibly going to sign up with AT&T. After this experience there is no way that is going to happen. I have never reported anyone for being rude to me but this lady was just the worst. I hope for the sake of the store that she is let go. I will never go back while she is employed there. I do not know her name but she was the only employee working on 1/2/13 at about 5:30 PM.

-by (Jan. 3, 2013)

AT&T Double Dip

My sister lives in my deceased parents’ home. I live in Atlanta and take care of bills for her because she is on disability and unable to work. I have all bills paid from a special checking account I provide for her and all bills are drafted. In Sept of 2012 I tried to switch to U-verse and Direct TV fro regular AT&T and DSL AT&T for her because her bills were way too high. AT&T told me I had to put the account in my name, so I did. In Oct I switched to AT&T U-verse internet/Phone and dropped Dish and went with Direct TV. Direct TV required I put the initial fees on my credit card. A week later AT&T sent computer router ETC in the mail and Direct TV came out and switched services. My sister returned all equipment in boxes provided by Dish Network. My sister was unable to hook up the equipment for the phone and computer service. Finally after a week with ATT and many phone calls I was able to get the service started through a three way conversation. I thought everything was finally OK although my sister said she could see no faster service on the computer; the phone was nice with the new features. At the end of Oct my sister suffered a heart attack and was in and out of the hospital several weeks. I thought everything was OK with AT&T. In early Nov my sister started to feel better and called me to say AT&T called and left a message about equipment return. When I called to find out what was going on, everyone was very rude and kept trying to get me to pay my bill. On 10/11/2012 AT&T drafted 80.39; on 11/09/2012 AT&T drafted 161.63 on 11/22/2012 discontinued my service for non-payment and said I owed an additional 275.25 because I had not cancelled my old account with AT&T and telephone service. I told the AT&T rep that they (AT&T) should have cancelled their own service when I started the new service with AT&T. I finally agreed to an additional charge of 175.25 to keep from having bad credit. AT&T drafted 175.25 on 11/29/2012. I discontinued my Internet service with AT&T and went with basic phone service for my sister. Please help me understand how AT&T can double dip and expect me to pay. I would like a complete. Thank you,

-by (Dec. 6, 2012)


Just wanted to let you know about one of your employees who helped me resolve an issue that was going on for 4 days with no calls backs from each of the previous people who promised to help me and call me back the next day. I had to windup calling back myself each time with hours of holding on and never getting my situation resolved. Finally today Kendall Askew in you Tennessee office finally took the time to listen to my problems, research them and call me back with a solution. I only wish that the previous 4 people who promised to resolve the issues and call back the next day had handled this matter in the same way. I spent a total of approx. 12 hours on the telephone in 4 days with promises that were not kept. Kendall had the patience and respect to handle the problem. People always call to complain about service but I must write to tell you that Kendall is truly a great representative for AT&T and I would like it to reflect in his employee file. If you would like to contact me with regard to this whole experience please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Arlene Siegle

-by (Nov. 5, 2012)


I was overcharged monthly for my AT&T USB Air-Card modem. Original two year contract was $70 plus dollars a month for unlimited data service.

After the two year contract AT&T no longer offered unlimited data service. Instead the reduced it to 5 Gigabit limit a month for a cost around $60. They did not inform me by phone, email, mail, or any other means.

Oh yea by the way they forgot that they were overcharging me each month for over five years. I finally found out in August 2012 about the overcharging.

I'm trying to get the $485 plus dollars I've been overcharged back or even applied to my phone bill as a credit.

Guess what? I've been told they do not give refund checks and that the Billing department rejected applying the credit to my phone bill. Said it was over their limit of credit applied to a bill.

Like many others I only wish I had other phone companies I could use instead of AT&T, but I don't.

-by (Oct. 31, 2012)


Upon leaving Comcast for ATT signing up for the triple play-------the girl who took my application over the phone could not even comprehend my last name. After spelling it three time for her she came up with this name-Arnorld Pullpork-------if I knew that she could not understand me she should have told me that. All the e-mails that I was getting were to---Arnorld Pullpork. After calling six time I believe they said they have corrected the situation.Some ot the e mails I still receive are to Pullpork. I have now begun to recieve mail addressed to Arnorld Pullpork. Evidently you are selling my so-called name to other companies and they are addressing them to Pullpork. I want you to please stop sending my so-called name to other companies or I will take some kind of action to make you stop.

I do expect someone to contact me with the situation that I am going through. It is getting out of hand and can only mushroom from here on.

-by (Oct. 18, 2012)