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new HOME Bedding Section

You have lost a long-time customer. It started with the previous CEO strategy. I gave it another chance yesterday looking for sheets and blankets. Wow! was absolutely stunned. No designer sheets, and a few quilts. Hardly any bedspreads, comforters. Then to have to meander through towels and shower curtains within the narrow sheet aisles. To top it off, had to walk 3/4 into the store before reaching a customer service checkout. I did not purchase a thing. Went right to Macy's - wonderful selection - percentages off coupons - and spent over $1,000. A friend said she thought JCP would not be around in another year or two. I agree.

-by (Jul. 9, 2013)

deceiving your customers!!!!!

What has happened to you jcpenny? Watch your tags/prices. If you pull the white price tag up an look at the original price!!! I went yesterday to look at the "up to 70% off" sale on all bathing suits, and only saw 40% off signs! So I proceeded to look a little harder! I found one top by Arizona with original price of 5.00, went to price scanner to see what it rang up......32.00!!!!! 32.00 for a 5.00 bathing suit!!!! Management said "you have to use foulness in the paper"! Long story short, I ended up w/3 managers trying to tell me that its policy and what the register rings up is the price! 20 mins later I walk out with 1 top, 1 bottom for 9.00! Reminder ..... if I weren't as frugal I would have paid triple!! How many of you just paid and thought "that seemed a lil high"? I will never shop at jcpenny again! Especially since they dropped PAULA DEAN! WHAT YOUR DOING WITH YOUR PRICES ARE FAR WORSE THAT WHAT PAULA DEAN DID!!!!

-by (Jul. 4, 2013)

Bad service bad choices

I am writing to say I am cutting up my new JC Penney. I have been overcharged for things management did fix that. The service has gone down hill in the salon and store. I have been patient now you have dropped Paula Deen and jumped on the bandwagon. I am done.

-by (Jun. 28, 2013)

left hand knowing what right hand is doing?

My wife and I are recent converts to JCP. e joined jcpinsiders and participate in Secret Shopper but rewards are not followed through. Called Customer Service and they did not know what JCPInsiders was!?/#%^&. They have a long way to go…or they will be gone.

-by (Jun. 27, 2013)

Beware of Optical Dept.

I have had a terrible experience with Penny's optical in Brighton, MI. The 2 pair for $89 ended up costing me $329 to get a decent pair. Then they keep getting stress cracks in one lens and I have had them remade going on the third time. They will not credit anyone. Once you pay them,your money is gone, even if they give you a poor quality product. They finally agreed to a new frame which might help the lens issue, which cost less, but they will not reimburse the difference. "It's our policy" My new policy is to never shop at Penny's optical again.

-by (Jun. 24, 2013)

you havent changed

years ago i had a card i paid on time for 5 yrs. i moved and paid late, i found out when i was declined at your store for a purchase. I spoke with customer service and paid the balance on my card $78.00 out of a 2k limit. I was them informed my limit was changed to 100.00. I closed my account. 10 yrs later i go into your store 9 (today). I was treated poorly asked 6 timed by the same associate if i wanted to open an account. Then your pormotion of spend 50 get 10 off was limited depending on who you spoke to. Typical. I left all the item with the associate and went to Macy's.

-by (Jun. 16, 2013)

Rude folks

I was at the Lanham MD JCP. Picked up a blouse for $20 and a pair of earrings for $5 I went to the cashier to use my $10 off of $25 coupon. The cashier rudely said that the coupon doesn't work (with no reason). I asked her why, she said my purchase total before taxes is $24.99 and asked how come. I verified with the sales clerk before that the blouse was not on sale, she told me that whatever price on the ticket that's what is the price. The cashier called a manager who also rudely told me "Maam whatever price it rings up for, that's the price. I said "it should be what is on the ticket" she said I just cannot change it. I left the items and walked out. Will never go back there again. I am a gold card member, I plan to cancel my card. JCP need to get rid of them animals who work there.

-by (Jun. 16, 2013)

Horror story about a bed

I will never buy anything from your company again, I purchased a bed, mattress, and box springs in Ohio, to be delivered to Nashville for a daughter starting a job in a new city.I was promised delivery June 7th, and it is June 14th, still no bed, still no idea when it's coming- meanwhile, my daughter is sleeping on her floor, The Absolute Worst Logistics, Customer Service, telephone nightmares. Absolutely no one will step up and take responsibility for anything, every single employee I spoke with, both on the phone and in the store passed it off to someone else. It is absolutely easy to understand why the company is failing!!

-by (Jun. 14, 2013)

what happened to towncraft jeans

I am very disappointed that you no longer carry jeans for an older gentleman. Towncraft jeans were perfect for older men. They had a relaxed fit with stretch and I can't find anything similar to the light weight denim. Please get something in besides levis and dockers. Older men want a lightweight stretch jean.

-by (Jun. 13, 2013)


Yeah good commercials. I'm glad you took LEVI in. Help them with quality and cut, since you know how to cut your name. JC.

-by (May. 27, 2013)


What the heck is going on ? I went to our store in Salem Oregon on my lunch break no less and was trying to make a purchase but come to find out they had removed all cash registers on every floor except one! Now any half wit can figure out that this is not good service at all. So I proceeded to stand in line for a long time watching the clock as my lunch hour slipped away. When I finally got to cash register I asked the clerk what was going on and she said that they had no control over what was going on and they were not getting breaks or lunches because there are always customers in line!Wake up management I will not go back until you have better service and you are fair to your own employees.

-by (May. 21, 2013)


Dear JCP, A year or so ago, I bought a complete set of Chris Madden Corvelle Dishes & Serverware. An act of nature destroyed some of the dishes. No big deal, or so I thought....I can just re-order from JCP. No way! JCP decided to no longer carry these beautiful set of dishes. I searched on-line everywhere. I even contacted Chris Madden directly. There is nothing they can do, because basically JCP owns the rights to that line. No one at JCP seems to even be able to point me in any sort of helpful direction. I absolutley LOVE these dishes. Just another poor example of the mess JCP has made of what once used to be a great store. I don't like anything about the "New Look" It is garbage. It feels like there is no structure at all. It feels like someone just threw stuff everywhere, it feels small & cluttered. More like a badly organized flea-market. I am most angry about no one's ability to help me find the replacements I need. Stop worrying so much about new logo's & re-vamping & perhaps one day, you can re-gain the respect of former loyal customers. I will NEVER step foot in your flea market again! Sincerely, a very disgruntled ex customer

-by (May. 21, 2013)


I purchased a diamond ring at JC Penny in 2012 and it had to be sized. When I got it back and wore it for a month it broke where it had been sized. I took it back and they sent it off to be repaired and was told it was going to cost me $71.00 to fix since I couldn't find my receipt. I found my receipt later and they sent the ring back to have it repaired and was suppose to be back Jan.31 2013 I have been by the store twice now and they tell me that they'll call me when it's ready. It is now the middle of May 2013 and I still have no ring.

-by (May. 18, 2013)

Shame on you

A 92 yr old lady - acquaintance...expressed a desire for a long white skirt. I noticed some on a rack in your Montclair, CA. store...St John's Bay...and bought one for her. (I'm thrilled you brought that brand back) I was pleased that even though the tag said $30.00 it rang up at $19.00 - great sale I thought - when I got home I pulled off the price tag of $30...under it...crossed out, but still visible, was the original price by the manufacturer $20.00...REALLY?! Shame on you!!! I feel hood winked! Do you truly have such disrespect for shoppers, you'd stoop that low? What else have you concocted? Just when I thought I could trust J C Penny again, you pull such a low stunt!! Michael Bouse Card member for over 30 years

-by (May. 10, 2013)

Never going back

I have been shopping at JCP since I was a kid living in another country (would cross over with family and immediately go to JCP). After 9/11 my now ex quit his job as an investment consultant because his firm wanted to profit from the tragedy. After that our credit went to hell in a hand basket, struggling, etc. Two years ago I was convinced to open up an account at JCP and I did so gingerly, because even when my finances have improved 100-fold, my credit is still hurt. Nonetheless I was able to open it. I used it carefully, never missed a payment... then last month I got a letter saying they were slashing my credit after careful review of my credit history. I mean, really? I paid off the last 60 bucks balance and closed my account. My boyfriend just closed his also. That was humiliating to say the least.

-by (May. 4, 2013)

Store:2826 Assoc:0829

My bridemaids and I purchase our dresses and at the time of checkout the clerk did not greet us or ask if we find everything ok. I gave her my 20% off coupon expecting to pass it to the next lady and she ripped my coupon and said it's a one time use in a smart way. We all looked at each other. I ask my ladys to get their iphones and pull up the coupon which they did and presented to the clerk. Then I ask her if she will rip their phones because it supposed to be a one time use. She did not respond. We all walked out, talking about the issue then we turned back in to return the dresses. That was an uncomfortable experiece. We will not go back to that JCP again. Luckly, we found our dresses at Kohl's. We did have a coupon for that and it did not get ripped up. It was given back to us and we actually passed it on to the next persons. I am always in JCP in Cedar Hill. I guess because of the changes in the store. They are downgrading the clerks to have poor services. IT'S A SHAME!

-by (Apr. 23, 2013)

Jon From Daly City

Rhonda from Home World, JC Penneys at Serramonte Center, Daly City, was so awesome, what great customer service. I only wished that she was working in clothing. Her fashion help, made my day. I am so very happy, that I met her. Because I can find clothing, that is fashionable, at a great price, I will return there, every time I shop, and I shop alot. I hope my husband doesn't read this. I very much recommend, that if you need help finding just the right clothing, to fit your body, and to update your style, go see Rhonda.

-by (Apr. 21, 2013)


April 1 bought st john t-shirts for normal price $14 went back for more on the 11th and now they are $20 each. Also not happy you discontinued Linden Street quick dry towels, or now you do not offer plus size in Sonoma pjs any more. What a disappointment in jcp. get ready to cut up my card. Think about all of these complaints. You are catering to middle class clientel and not doing a very good job of it at all. HELP HELP HELP

-by (Apr. 13, 2013)


Please. Please. Please bring back Cabin Creek women's slacks and blouses. They are quality clothing and reasonably priced. Big mistake to stop that line.

-by (Apr. 12, 2013)


I was at the store at the Oakview Mall in Omaha today getting help in the drapery department. The sales person needed to get on the computer/register to look something up, but another associate was using the terminal to look up her work schedule (was not on the clock) making me (and the sales associate) wait for her to finish her personal use. The sales associate went to look for the item I was requesting (after she located it on the terminal). The other person picked up the phone and proceeded to make an appointment with her doctor right in front of me! I heard all about her problem, her husband's problem and when the appointment was. Then when the sales associate who was helping me came back she told her all about the appointment too! They continued to have this conversation in front of me. I found the MOD and complained. He agreed that it was inappropriate, but I have a feeling it went in one ear and right out the other.

-by (Apr. 9, 2013)