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Took a couple to dinner for appreciation . First I asked to be seated away from children. I love children . But I have a disability that gives horrible shaking and spasms and headaches with stress. She sat us right next to a party with 4 small children. Now we order and the first 3 orders she could not fill . The 4th she didn't even have swiss cheese. Rolls but no butter, salads big enough for a 2yr old. Green beans too hard for my guest to eat. All and all $112.00 please tip. Should have ate home. Is Sunday a bad day eat there.

-by (Jan. 19, 2015)

food poisoning

I went to celebrate my 57 B-Day at 13236 Rittenhouse Dr Mitlothian VA, Red Lobster, at 7:00 PM October 11,2014, I order a lobster scrimp scallop plate, the food was burn, I send it back and they give me another plate, the lobster was salty, the scallops were row, i consume half of the lobster tale and one scallop, 15 minuts later i was in the bathroom throing up my meal,an still fillining this morning,and the bathroom have to be share by the woman because thear as broken. the server was very good Ms. Africa, but you nead a new chef, I am a veteran and retire with 25 years of service and have been on red lobster al over the contry and the and this is the worst restaurant i have been. k

-by (Oct. 12, 2014)

Ecard delay or decline

Red Lobster (Manager) 700 Shorter Ave NW Rome GA 30165

Thank you so much , making an embarrassing situation go away. 9/7/14 1:30pm My daughter arrived to celebrate birthday for her daughter, with what she thought was a $100. E-giftcard from online. Still didn't arrive in 4 hrs thks to manager I'm still a customer.

-by (Sep. 7, 2014)


Just returned from lunch at my local Red Lobster. The food was mediocre, overcooked, and way way too salty. And for that crappy meal I paid a mere $16.00. Really, $16.00 for lunch - not in this town and not from me ever again. Now I know why Darden restaurants are in so much trouble. Sorry, but I won't ever step in a RL again.

-by (Aug. 6, 2014)


We visited our local red lobster in Tyler last week. Normal when I order the feast I can hardly eat everything that comes out. My wife normally orders the popcorn shrimp with the baked potato. she normally takes half of it home because she can eat the portions that come out. We both left hungry hungry and when I approached the manager he said oh well that's all we do anymore. We are done. Over priced. That was the last 80$ I will spend there. We said something to the server and she said oh I know we do not get busy anymore.

-by (Dec. 9, 2013)


I love this restaurant not only because of the food but the constant watering at the tables . My waiter was on top of his game checking on is making sure we were happy with everything.

-by (Nov. 25, 2013)

A long way from home

Traveling to Mobile al with three friends October 4-6 was a great time we had some problems with service at Red Lobster. Good and service were passable no problems until we get a few miles along the road and realize we are missing a wallet. Placing a call to the restaurant we notify first the host answering the phone then the manager and explain to them the delimma. There was little concern heard during the phone exchange and a lack of urgency to prevent the situation from becoming more complicated. Both hostess and manager were asked to search and given specifics of the seating area and waitress assigned to the booth. When we returned to the restaurant we were told no one could find our lost wallet. Immediately upon getting back to the restaurant wallet on floor under table. Greatest problem seen with the restaurant No one took ownership of our problem which was extremely serious when we were over 100 miles ftom home and we put all money pooled for trip into one account and the card for the trip was in the list wallet.

-by (Oct. 6, 2013)


There is nothing more frustrating than have a commercial with talk, interrupt my train of thought. It invades my privacy and I hate it. I won't spend another dollar in your establishment after this. I'm not the only one mad at these commercials and you are not the only one.

-by (Jul. 25, 2013)