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I have literally never written a review about a store before but I felt a bit compelled to this time. The clerk could not have seemed less willing to help me out with my potential purchase. He seemed completely annoyed that I was even in the store. He did not leave from behind the desk once to assist me. After I made my purchase, I decided to look at one more thing. As I walked toward the item I wanted to look at, he asked, in a very depressed tone, as if he was unhappy that I wasn't leaving, Is there anything else I can help you find?? It was easy to tell he wanted me to leave. It was just odd. I understand that everybody has bad days and I guess I will chalk it up to that but I didn't like the feeling of being a burden on somebody that I was hoping would help me so next time I decides to walk into a GNC, I will do it at a different location.

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