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Review for: Pizza Pizza in Regina, SK

very bad

I ordered pizza from Pizza Pizza and i think i have had the worst pizza in my life. there was no cheese and tastes weird. never ever gonna order pizza again. I had the craving of pizza very badly but was not able to eat a single slice.

-by (11, July, 2015)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Thornhill, ON


This company is awful they have no problem taking your money but when you have a problem good luck getting a response, I had my receipt with my free sandwich and low and behold I get denied wow what a surprise as they try and push other items on you and to top it off I still got jammed by not getting my perks on the special that I paid for called head office they don't care. I am done with them there are plenty of other options .

-by (27, December, 2014)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Winnipeg, MB

bad time and bad pizza

Pizza was not fully cooked aND it took then 1 hours to make 1 pizza

-by (13, November, 2014)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Thornhill, ON

Great customer service

This location I was new and I place order great service and great quality food.

-by (11, November, 2014)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Mississauga, ON

Stingy Pizza Location

I've always ordered from Pizza Pizza and I go to one location which puts so much toppings that I feel it's worth the price. I come and place an order at this location only to find my pizza is pretty much tomato sauce with bread and very very very few pepperoni and myshroom as toppings. Why? Ridiculously stupid. That's why I won't go back. Loss of future business. Shame on you and head office for such business.

-by (13, August, 2014)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Kingston, ON

aweful customer service sb fired!!!

Horrible customer service establishment!!!! I'm not from Kingston and parked there temporarily for only 45 min and as I walked away from my vehicle the pizza delivery boy mumbled something at me and I turned around and he mumbled something again under his breathe but didn't clarify anything...we thought what a creepy guy and was even going to walk into the store and complain to the owner at that point! Bc it was just weird.. then after like I said 45 min my 65,000 truck was gone!!!! The delivery boy had it towed 5 min after I parked there. So I'm furious and go inside and he has the nerve to say he told me he was towing it.... NO he didn't..... he mumbled on purpose so we couldn't understand or hear him.. I definitely wouldn't have left my truck there anyways if I heard him. Come to find out there's a small sign in the corner of the window..which I didn't see bc my truck iscleary huge . I wasn't gone a long time..I had no idea of the small sign.. I can see if it was parked all day.. but the tow company told me the time and it was 5 min as I walked away.. he purposely mumbled too which really annoys me.. he could've said it clearly and nicely.. come to also find out he's the owners nephew.. on a bad customer service power trip.. they need to install proper signage on post in cement blocks so people drive up to a actual sign. Bc along w all their other signage it's new viewable well enough. In Belleville this would've never happened ..no way..there sb a timeline before calling the tow truck. Not 5 min.. needless to say I'll NEVER eat at pizza pizza again !!!!!!!!!@

-by (08, August, 2014)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Thornhill, ON

Quality of food

I had amaizing pizza at this place a day before I use to eat at other pizza store which give barely some cheese and tasteless pizza. Genuinely I like the place.

-by (20, July, 2014)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Mississauga, ON

dead and lingering flies all over window sills and pizzas

Sat in my seat to eat, little did I know behind and next to me were dead flies and fruit flies dead on the window sills while others were flying around. I snapped teo photos to show the world how unhygienic this location is....two young men workig there. Oh, and I ordered a large pizza but the young guy madr a mistake and he wouldn't correct it because "head office won't know" quote on quote.

-by (10, July, 2014)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Caledonia, ON

Canada Pizza

Order Canada international pizza today and the flyer said sliced bacon, came with bacon crumble. Wasn't impressed. I should have been told that the flyer was incorrect when I ordered. Also, no flag bag...was told it would be delivered to me on Thursday, let's see if it arrives.

-by (02, July, 2014)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Whitby, ON

Appalled by driver!!!

So the 50 delivery time is pizza pizzas policy not mine so to have the driver shouting at me at my front door for five minutes is disgusting behaviour!! Pizza was great once the bad taste the driver left, left

-by (31, May, 2014)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Caledonia, ON

Holy Shit

I order pizza on Tuesday, and to my surprise it came relatively quick. The order was proper and it had looked like the commercials, only if it didn't have a giant shit in the middle of the pizza... It also smelt like Delissio also

-by (28, February, 2014)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Hamilton, ON

Top Quality Pizza

Pizza is my #1 go to for fast food when I have friends come over or when I have parties. Pizza Pizza is my favorite place to buy pizza. They're top quality, fresh, and just taste amazing! Keep it up!

-by (19, June, 2013)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Caledonia, ON

Constantly messing up orders

Have had at least a few occasions where there was a problem with my order. Most recently, I had my order delivered and my Panzzerotties were burnt to a crisp and part of my order was missing. Also, it was right after the store closed so I couldn't have the situation rectified. Pizza Pizza should at least have a 1-800 customer service line. So I was left with no edible food for the night and out $20 to go and get food I could actually eat. Now I have to go back and bring it up to them. This all could have been prevented of the staff realized "hmm, these are really burnt, maybe I shouldn't use them" and then to further neglect to look at what was ordered. It isn't rocket science.

-by (16, May, 2013)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Uxbridge, ON

Best place

I ordered pizza and some other stuff . It was made very nice and was delivered hot . Really impressed. Definitely order again.

-by (15, May, 2013)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Waterloo, ON

dont go here

I don't normally rate places, but I don't recommend going here. Apart from the obvious language barrier, they try to gyp you for your money by taking more of your money and providing less. They refuse to fix their mistakes as well.

-by (15, April, 2013)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Toronto, ON


Ordered a Meatball Mariana sandwich from this location and the bun was covered in mold! Lost my appetite! It's disgusting and shocking how the Person making the sandwich missed that! Just a warning, to make sure you check their food twice before you eat!

-by (09, April, 2013)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Belleville, ON

pizza pizza belleville

the worst place to order pizza. they always take more time to deliver. during my last order, they took an hour and 15 minutes to deliver. i called the customer service and they said, we dont have any time limit to deliver and they simply said it will be there any time.

it is a total waste to order through them

-by (10, February, 2013)

Review for: Pizza Pizza in Ottawa, ON

Terrible Delivery Service

Had a few deliveries and delivery man is punking people at their doors. Trying to get more money out of people after full price is paid.

-by (22, January, 2013)