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Cumberland Farms is a regional chain of convenience stores operating primarily in the eastern United States and Florida. Cumberland Farms operates roughly 600 retail stores, gas stations and a support system including petroleum and grocery distribution operations in 11 states. Its original colors were navy blue and orange, and now recently they were changed to blue and green. Cumberland Farms host a large assortment of chilled drinks hence the Chill Zone was born. Cumberland Farms makes life easier for busy people every day. Cumberland Farms is family owned operated and it reflects the values it was built upon. The company serves customers by providing the best possible products at the best possible prices.

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Cumberland Farms in Northfield, VT

Drive way

your drive way is in such poor condition I can't believe you have not fixed it yet!!!! The holes coming in and out are big enough to do MAJOR damage to a car!!
-by (18, April, 2014)

Cumberland Farms in Pottstown, PA

upgrade your service

Im not sure how a business can have such friendly employees but horrible service. Your prices are ridiculously high.You buy things dont get a bag or receipt unless you ask. You win the lottery at their establishment and they wont cash your ticket even if under $100. Your sevice needs to be as exceptional as your employees. Get it together.
-by (18, January, 2014)

Cumberland Farms in Wethersfield, CT

Excellent store

This convenience store fulfills all the basic needs that a shopper will want along with great customer service
-by (17, January, 2014)

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Cumberland Farms in Zephyrhills, FL


I love this place ,a great manager and staff. John(the manger) is very friendly and heplfull. The staff follow in his foot steps, they all do a great job.
-by (27, February, 2013)

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Customer Service Phone Number: 1 (800) 225-9702

Coffee Rolls

There is a cinnamon Cinnabon coffee roll made by Mrs Freshly's that I have only found at Cumbies. The store that I go to on the way to my job every day tells me that they weren't available anymore even though I have found them at their other stores. I don't understand what the issue is with the ordering. I have said something multiple times to the clerk and she says she will order the coffee rolls. The mornings she has the order to put away she tells me she hasn't had time to put anything away even though she is always smoking when I get there and she doesn't stop talking to me for ten minutes even longer some days!! I know they are lonely for 8 hours on third shift but it's crazy both girls WILL NOT STOP TALKING!! So figure out how to order the coffee rolls please.

-by (Nov. 16, 2013)

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