Family Video Burlington ON

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Family Video

5 Reviews
2172 Mountain Grove Ave,
Burlington ON L7P 2J3
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Family Video - Burlington has 5 reviews

Family Video

This store and company are not nearly the rip-off that Blockbuster used to be. Friendly helpful service with very reasonable rates! Thank you Family Video!

-by (10, January, 2015)


Wish was closer to home

-by (23, December, 2013)

Just for Balance

I don't understand the negative reviews. Maybe they are in reference to game rental. As far as DVD rental is concerned, they are excellent, with great prices.

-by (07, September, 2013)

Policy concern

The people are nice but the policies and rental terms are way too complex with what seems to be 400 different types of rentals and associated packages. Plus if you buy a 50 percent off package which allows you half off each rental for a month, if you are late on any rental it is charged to you at 100% which makes no sense. If you rented it the extra day and are entitled to 50% off way are you gauged 100%????

-by (29, March, 2013)

Bring back blockbuster

The stores rental policies are way to strict. The rental rates are cheap, but if you don't have a perfect credit score or no credit at all you're forced to put a downpayment on the full amount of the game, even though its previously used.

-by (12, January, 2013)