Walmart Barrie ON

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5 Reviews
35 Mapleview Drive West,
Barrie ON L4N 9H5 Phone Number: (705) 728-9122
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Walmart Store Hours

  1. Mon. Open 24 hours
  2. Tue. Open 24 hours
  3. Wed. Open 24 hours
  4. Thu. Open 24 hours
  5. Fri. Open 24 hours
  6. Sat. Open 24 hours
  7. Sun. Open 24 hours

Walmart - Barrie has 5 reviews

where did the 24hr anemities goes

Yeah, whats with all the Walmarts in the area no longer being 24hrs - it was the fall back place for shift workers since the grocery store seems to have also reduced their hours from 24hrs

-by (06, October, 2014)

dont assume

the wal-mart was closed due to renovations its not their problem if you decide to do your shopping at 5 am before people flip out and yell at the employees they should ask questions if you dont like the way they work got to zellers :-p

-by (31, March, 2014)

people who complain

If the sign is taken down its for a good reason... you guys check what time wonderland opens and other companys like that so why don't you do the same for walmart..

-by (25, November, 2013)

very dissapointing

almost everytime we went there it was open 24 hours but yesterday we went there the 24 hour sign was taken down and it was closed at 11:15 pm. i think if they are not going to be open for 24 hours they should have a sign or something stating that because its a waste of time to drive so far out of your way to find that its not open

-by (27, January, 2013)

Not 24 hours

We drove all the way to south end of Barrie to go to this walmart, and at 5am the workers were outside and said it was closed. Everywhere says it's 24 hours and it clearly isn't. This was very disappointing.

-by (23, January, 2013)