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1 Review
3585 Grandview Highway,
Vancouver BC V5M 2G7 Phone Number: (604) 435-6905
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  1. Mon. 7:00am - 11:00pm
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Walmart - Vancouver has 1 reviews

excellent service in your photo department

I was in your store this past Friday November 30 hoping to set up a photo album for my family in England.

I was having a terrible time between my lack of computer expertise and some concerns with the computer itself. Fortunately your staff member by the name of Peggy came in to save the day. She helped me get through numerous issues with her great attitude and great laugh. and in the end - she fixed the book up to the way I was really wanting it done. Just wonderful service !! I only wish other stores had employees as helpful and eager as Peggy was

Congratulations to Peggy and your Store Julie

-by (03, December, 2012)